Monday, September 19, 2005

Tivoli #2, Hopeful obsession

I finished my Tivoli while in Buffalo, where my lovely mother POUNCED on it. She is several sizes smaller than I am, and my Tivoli was a tad loose as it is, so I managed to escape with my sweater. However, she did extract a promise from me: a Tivoli of her own for Christmas. Luckily, I had some KnitPicks Shine in my stash (I love having a stash) in the perfect color: orchid.

She came to visit me in Boston for her 55th birthday (honestly, does this woman look 55? I don't think so.)

and by the time she left, I had Tivoli done to the try-on point (just before you start the waist shaping). I took pictures, but forgot to transfer them from the camera, so you'll have to wait. It is officially precious.

My own Tivoli has been worn three times, and is starting to look saggy. When recently-blocked, the looseness was drapey and pretty, but now it's leaning towards sloppy. I should have taken Grumperina's advice. However, most of the sag comes from the shoulders stretching out. I think if I give it a nice firm edging (crochet, maybe) that might stabilize it nicely. I'll have to wash & reblock first, but will keep you posted.

I found my yarn needle, and wove in the ends on Soleil. I'll block it tonight or tomorrow, and post pics. I did end up ripping out the edgings, and redid them in single-crochet. For the neckline, I crocheted three out of every four stitches. This laid nicely flat, and since there were so many crochets in a row, it didn't look as sparse as every-other stitch.

My next obsession: Hopeful by Jenna Adorno.

I really, really like this pattern. In fact, before I stumbled on it, I drew something similar in my own design notebook. (Hopeful has much more interesting detail than my sketch, however.) Then I saw Katie's Hopeful, and I was hooked.

What I love about this pattern:
- it's a gorgeous garment
- it's dressy enough for work (in fact, it's a touch dressier than what I usually wear)
- it looks like it'll be fun to knit
- NOT 100%, but 120% percent of the pattern price goes to a breast cancer research fund. Seriously. You pay $5, and she donates $6!

After rifling through my swatch archive, and debating over color cards for about half an hour with my mom, I decided to make this in KnitPicks Ambrosia in Fog. I absolutely adore that yarn, and this will be a great project for it. Plus, it'll be CHEAP! Under $50 for a sweater in alpaca/cashmere!



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