Thursday, August 04, 2005

Your Knucles Say "Cobra"

So, I really like to knit. To the point that I rarely watch TV anymore: there's very little on that I find more interesting than my knitting. That said, audiobooks and knitting go really well together. Mens et Manus.

I am truly addicted to audiobooks. I have a two-books-per-month subscription to Audible, and it's gotten to the point that I sometimes can't sleep unless I am listening to a book.
(BTW, if you happen to subscribe to Audible, tell 'em jmdruadh sent you.)

I listen on my iPod mini, Cobra Bubbles (named for the character from Lilo & Stitch). Considering how much time my audiobooks and knitting spend together, I'm starting a new sidebar, called On Cobra Bubbles. There, I'll keep a list of titles I've got on the 'Pod, and those I've recently finished.


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