Friday, July 29, 2005


I finished knitting up Soul the other day, and gave it a preliminary seaming. Alas, it needs adjustment. The dimensions are fine, but the ribbed center sections (as opposed to the cabled side sections) are too stretchy, so it sags almost immediately, since the garment is supported at the bust, and the ribs are a weak spot. All that negative ease goes right out the window, and the fit goes to hell. Plus, the stretched-out ribs aren't very attractive:

Options I'm considering:

- redesigning with fewer ribs. This would make the ease more negative, but would still have the ugly stretched-out rib problem.

- redesigning with a stiffer center section (i.e., cables). I really liked the verticals up the center, though. Sniff, sniff.

- redesigning with twisted-stitch ribs. I started reading Knitting Without Tears the day after I finished knitting Soul, and EZ mentioned that twisting the stitches in a rib will tighten it up. It sounds like a particularly elegant solution, if it will stiffen it enough. AND, if I go super-secret-ninja, I could drop one stitch, let it fall all the way down, and then pick it back up, twisted. It would take a while, but I wouldn't actually have to frog...
*Not that I don't enjoy frogging...*
Then again, all the other options involve frogging completely, so maybe I should try this option first, and see how it goes...


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