Friday, July 22, 2005

Must... Resist... Buying... More... Yarn...!

Ugh. Yarn is tempting me. I ordered some Shine from Knitpicks last week, which is in the mail now. I will be using it for a Soleil, and I got some extra to make a matching cardigan and perhaps some kind of striped tank top. Yay, more projects!

And then, I stumbled upon Tivoli, a pattern for a great cap-sleeved tee by Grumperina. And the lovely example that CMEKnits made in Shine... In that lovely Orchid color that would look so great on me...

Sigh. I should not spend any more money on yarn right now, d*mn it!

Luckily, the reasons I'm leaning towards frugality are very happy: I've just signed up for classes at the School of Fashion Design. I am very very psyched about this; I've always been interested in design, but figured that, of all the things I was interested in, engineering was the hardest to do as a hobby, so that's what I studied. Lately, though, I've been having ideas that I don't have the skills to execute to my satisfaction. So formal education it is! I'll be taking Clothing Construction I and Patternmaking I. SOFD's classes are all for credit, rather than adult ed. This means that, if I happen to feel like taking all the required classes, I could end up with a certificate. (Not that I actually intend to work in the fashion industry, but recognition is always nice, and it does mean I could get a third degree without all those bothersome qualifiers...) The downside of that is that you don't get a nice "not for credit" discount. And let me tell you, tuition, supplies and fees add up to a LOT of yarn!

Then again, I do need some summer tops, and Shine is so cheap that it wouldn't cost any more than buying it...

Maybe I'll be good and wait until I've had a chance to swatch up the Shine I've already ordered. That sounds like a good compromise to me. :)


Anonymous Danielle said...

Look at the SOFD website -- there are sequined synchronized swim suits (similar to the ones I sew that I mentioned at yesterday's MIT SnB). One of those funny little coincidences ...

1:55 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

I need some restraint myself. This summer I have been so sleep deprived that I have been bingeing on yarn. Good luck! (I see you weren't able to resist Knit Picks though ;) )

3:08 PM  

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