Sunday, July 17, 2005

Harry Potter Progress

I am one lucky knitter: I have a (brand new) husband who reads to me. This rocks, since it means that I get to knit, and read a book, and spend quality time with my husband all at once. Mmm-mmm.

We got our copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at midnight on Friday (the official release date, in our area), went home, and he read me the first three chapters that night, while I cast on for Soul, and did the first ribbed sections. We spent the whole weekend reading, and finished around 6pm today (Sunday). In that time, I made about 2" of Soul, and (figuring that it was too big), frogged it. (WOOHOO!) Then I made about 5" of Soul in a smaller size, before realizing that cables cinch in the fabric, so I was right the first time, and frogged again. (WOOHOO!) Then I got through two and a half pattern repeats, to form about 1/2 of the front of Soul, now (appearing to be) beautifully sized.

This is my first foray into cables, and I have to say, I LOVE them! They take some getting used to, but they keep the brain occupied wiithout too much frustration, at least when using a pattern as regular as this one. Plus, what a sense of accomplishment!

Here are some pics;

Harry Potter Progres (frogged sections not shown)

Lovely Cables

Closeup of lovely cables

Tasty, tasty yarn.

And now, the pics of Paris Loop that I promised:

For posterity, before I frog back to the halfway point to fix it. See what I mean about it being too loose in the upper sections?

Closeup of purl-to-knit transition.


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