Thursday, July 14, 2005

Paris Loop, found a knitting group!

(That rhymes, Marge, and you know it does!)

I just finished Paris Loop by Glampyre.

The Yarn: Rowan Cotton Braid in Matisse (4 balls, with less than 5 yards remaining)

Needles: Circulars in 15, 11, 9 (using my Denise set). I had some trouble measuring gauge accurately on this yarn, which resulted in a couple of frogging sessions (at the 5" and 10" points).

Pattern: available for free at Magknits This is a pretty easy pattern. If you can make rectangles and are willing to try circular knitting, you can do this.

Alterations: Since I was using a totally different yarn, I had to reengineer it a bit. I cast on 75 stitches, and made each section 5" instead of making the middle two 7".

Notes: The yarn is a bit tricky to work with, since it's easy to snag the ric-rac loops by accident. Once you get used to it, it's not bad. It makes a nice, terrycloth-feeling fabric, which keeps me warm in air conditioning, but is very light and breathable (yay, natural fibers). It will frog, but does suffer a teensy bit. The ric-rac loops can get pulled out of shape. I found that it works best if you hold onto the central (linen) strands firmly, and close to the stitch you're undoing. Also, be sure to pull slowly and gently.

Results: I didn't get as strong an a-line shape as Stephanie (the designer), so it's a little clingier at the lower edge, and a little looser at the upper edge than I'd like. The whole thing is also a bit long, although it may just be lacking support at the shoulder, because it's too loose at the top. Still, it is cute, and it does keep me warm. Pictures coming soon.

Dilemma: Do I keep this it as-is, or do I frog half-way, and try it with smaller needes for the middle and top sections?

This was an "I want to wear that" project, and it is wearable, but not exactly the way I want. However, I'm getting bored with this pattern, especially after having frogged significant amounts twice, so if I frog now, I'm not sure I'd get around to redoing it for a while. And I kind of need to wear it now, with the insanely chilly air conditioning in my office... Sigh.

On a brighter note, I discovered a Stitch & Bitch on campus, which is meeting today, so I can ask them for their opinion on the frogging issue. That's:


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