Thursday, July 14, 2005

Loops and Una

So, I went to my very first MIT Stitch & Bitch at lunch today. Here are some highlights:

- I got some input on the Paris Loop. In fact, Katie had already made one. The consensus was that it was worth re-knitting. I have decided to knit it in 4 sections, so I'm going to try: size 15, size 11, size 10, size 8 (rather than 15, 11, 11, 9).

- Several of the women were working with the Magic Loop technique. I used this on Sitcom Chic's sleeves, and I liked it very much, but found that I got some laddering at the loop point. Katy suggested changing the location of the loop every round (i.e., having the loop come from between a different pair of stitches each time). Lightbulb!

- I saw, for the first time in-person, KnitPicks Shine I am in LOVE! It's incredibly soft, has a gorgeous sheen, and it's CHEAP. You can actually make a full-sized garment at a reasonable price. I've been meaning to give design another try, and I think this will make a good medium.

And now, for no reason, some eye candy:

Una, sleeping and shedding simultaneously (she's very talented) on a wedding gift.


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