Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Stash, Knitting Insomnia

I now officially have a stash. Previously, I had a ministash: I'd buy one ball of yarn at a time to play with, and then throw it in a storage bin. If I bought more than one ball of yarn, it was for a particular project, which I'd begin right away (although not necessarily finish...)

Now, however, I have not only bought multiple balls of yarn, and for which I haven't started the projects, I have bought yarn for which I DON'T HAVE A SPECIFIC PROJECT!!!

Here it is:

That's a few dozen balls of KnitPicks Shine
(My couple dozen random single balls and WIPs aren't shown. I'll try to get a group photo up in the future.)

The turquoise (which I'd call teal) is for Tivoli (pictures later), but the orchid (fuscia), cherry (red) and sky (blue) are not yet committed!

Some preliminary ideas:

- Orchid: I have six balls, which is what Tivoli calls for. I may do another Tivoli with some interesting patterns at the neck and/or lower edge. Maybe some eyelet work, or maybe thread in a wide ribbon, tied with a bow?

- Cherry: I bought 17 balls of this, and have used 4 1/2 so far for Soleil, so I have just over 12 left. I'm thinking I'll make a cardigan to form a twinset. However, I probably won't edge it with Soleil's lace pattern. Too matchy-matchy.

- Sky: I have 13 balls. My original thought was some kind of 3/4 sleeved, v-neck. For a few years, any time I went clothes shopping, (and no matter what I was looking for) I'd come home with a blue v-necked sweater. I have been without one for going on two years. It would be really nice to have one again. Then again, I might also prefer a more fall/winter weight v-neck.

I had a bout of Knitting Insomnia last week. (That's when you can't sleep because you're thinking about your projects.) I had an idea. One thing that I really like about Soul is how corset-like it looks, with diagonal ribs on the side, and vertical ones in the center:

(Soul is in the Needs Adjustment bin for the time being...)

That got me thinking. What if I were to do a 3/4 sleeved square- or sweetheart-necked sweater with a bodice like that? That could make a very feminine, dressy top. Instead of vertical ribbing in the center, however, I'm thinking of a vertical pattern of eyelets. This needs some thought/prototyping.



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