Monday, August 07, 2006

I have a talented SP

And not just at picking out great gifts either.

She acid-dyed the lovely skein of sock yarn you see above. I am highly impressed. Not only are the colors rich and beautiful (red, a burnt orange, chocolate brown, and purple), but the transitions are really smooth. (I have a little expierence dying with kool-aid, so I know how hard transitions are.) I thought it was Lorna's Laces at first; that's how great this yarn is.

Also in the box were tissues with a pretty modern floral pattern, a little notebook (just the right size for knitting notes; enough room to doodle, but not big enough to weigh down a purse), and a set of labels that say "made with love".

Thanks SP!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you liked your gifts and glad they arrived ok! I've also finished your gift so I'll be putting together your final package soon. I hope you like it:)

6:36 AM  

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