Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Flowers, Dim Sum Redux

I'm approaching the end of my Christmas knitting (except for the Lelah Top I've barely made any progress on for my sister). Here are some pics:

Felted Irises and Cala Lillies from Pick Up Sticks:

These are old pictures. I've got two Irises and two Cala Lilies done, and one more Iris with only one petal. That's one each for my grandmother, two great aunts, and my mother-in-law. I'm working on the optional leaves, but they're going SLOWLY, so I may punt them. I really want to get the felting done tonight, since we're leaving for Buffalo on Thursday.

Feline Dim Sum from an old issue of Knitty:

Shown here are spring roll and wonton wrappers. I plan to add the "filling" (batting & catnip) tonight.

My own variation on Feline Dim Sum: a steamed bun! Halfway done, in a mid-knitting blocking step:

If this turns out well, I'll publish the pattern here.

These are for my crazy-cat-lady of a step aunt. I'm also putting together a cute little dim sum menu with pictures and the characters for those foods.


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