Monday, November 28, 2005

Recommendations for Ali, Part 1: Patterns

This post is for Ali, a newish knitter who is getting ready to branch out. Here's a nice picture:

(Ali & Anup)

I was going to send this by email, but I realized:
- other newish knitters might also be interested in this info
- other knitters might have other suggestions to add
- my blog could use more traffic :)

Ali mentioned that she had been doing hats and scarves, and was interested in trying something new. She said she might want to try something similar to my Clapotis capelet:

Here are my recommendations for "advanced beginner" projects:

1- The Paris Loop by Stephanie Japel

This is really easy: you knit in a tube, using progressively smaller needles to make the tube narrower as you go. I made a particularly horrific one of these, through bad yarn selection and poor fit.

The yarn it calls for has been discontinued. The designer recommends Lion Brand Homespun (not my favorite yarn) as an inexpensive substitute. I'd say anything of an appropriate gauge with some texture to it would probably work. If you want to go this route, I'd print out the pattern and the designer's FAQ, and take it to a yarn store with you. The shop ladies should be able to help you find something suitable.

2- Picovoli (a refinement of the Tivoli pattern) by Grumperina
I've made two Tivolis so far, using the original pattern, and both in KnitPicks Shine:

(Momvoli is done, with the exception of blocking, but I don't have a recent picture.)

3- Tempting by Jenna Adorno

This is really cute, and the pattern is very straighforward. The yarn it calls for is pricey, but Knitpicks Andean Silk would be a good substitute. (Seriously: $16-$22 vs. $36-54)

4- Tie One On, mellow version, by nona

Coming soon:

Part 2: Online Magazines and Suppliers
Part 3: Helpful Resources


Blogger Jen said...

All are very nice suggestions for a new knitter. I'd probably pick Paris loop since the materials would cost too much and it seems that as long as you're reasonably close to gauge, you could get it to mostly fit. I probably wouldn't choose a mohair project however as an early project just because of the annoying untinkability of the yarn.

A simple casual tank like Sigma from Knitty might also be a good project to get your feet wet. Don't listen to me though...

I should listen to my own advice sometimes... I just went for what I thought was cute, not what was doable!

4:44 PM  

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