Saturday, October 15, 2005

Jessica Needs

Blantantly stealing an idea from Danielle:

Jessica Needs:
(results of googling "jessica needs)

1- Jessica needs to keep her mouth shut sometimes instead of just blurting out whatever is in her head
(context: Jessica Simpson)

2- Jessica needs cash
(context: Sarah Jessica Parker, and no Sex & the City movie)

3- Jessica needs a bit of time off by herself to process things
(context: profile of sisters in need of a foster family)

4- Jessica needs an adoptive family that is very structured.
(context: another girl in need of a foster family. Is something going on here?)

5- Jessica needs to change direction... and fast
(context: some Jessica's dating journal)

6- Jessica needs to keep her effin hands off my boy.
(context: Jessica Simpson)

7- Jessica needs you!
(context: Sponsoring Jessica Zaluzky, motorcyle racer. Rock on!)

8- Jessica needs fake titties and then she would be perfect.
(context: Jessica Simpson. Sigh.)

9- Jessica needs to get a kidney fast so she can live her life like she used to.
(context: "Saving Jessica" by Lurlene McDaniel, whose work has been called "pathetic", "melodramatic" and "lightweight" by Library Journal)

10- Jessica needs anything she wants.
(context: the blog of a Hilary Duff fan named Jessica)


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