Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blackberry pics, L&L!!!

Here is my Blackberry progress, in all it's glory:

laid flat, and apparently incredibly interesting to Una

Wiht fronts laid approximately in place

The mostly-done sleeve I did on the way to New Hampshire this morning (mmm... cables...)

The Knitting Deities have blessed me. I have not one, not two, but THREE gorgeous yarns for THREE fabulous projects in my newly-dubbed stash. You've already seen Ambrosia (for Hopeful) and Shadow (for Sweet Mary Jane), but now I have Lion & Lamb for Clapotis #2 (fall edition):

Ok, not all of it is for me. Half of it is for my yarn buddy in CA, who also wanted to make a Clapotis in this colorway. The pattern for Clapotis calls for "a little more than three" skeins of L&L. Considering how pricey it is, an extra skein really makses a difference. So instead of buying 4 skeins each, we bought 7 to split. Whee!

Not only is this beautiful, soft, light-weight yarn, but the colorway is perfect. It is #37, "Forest", which no longer appears on the Lorna's Laces color card, but which Angelika's Yarn Store convinced them to bring out of retirement for us. (Thanks, Angelika!)

I spent literally months looking for just the right yarn and colorway for this project. Most of my clothing is either turquoise, teal, or red, so I looked for something that had turquoise, red and black in it. I found Noro Silk Garden #211 (as seen in this photo from Knotology):

which had all the right colors, but the yarn was somewhat scratchy against my neck. I am very sensitive to these things.

After looking and looking I found another that had those colors, but it was hideous. (I won't say where.) Finally, I decided not to try to go all matchy-matchy, and started looking into other options. Once I let go, I found the perfect thing. The many colors in Forest will look great with my turquoises, teals, jeans, and blacks. Plus, I strongly suspect they'll work with my reds as well.

Oh, great Yarn Dieties, Rulers of all Fiber! Now that I have been so blessed, may I be deserving of thy luxurious bounties of yarn. (Specifically, may I avoid flying through Clapotis, and remember to savor every stitch of this gorgeous yarn.)


Blogger Jen said...

Hey that blackberry is definitely coming along! I see you omitted the bobbles on the sleeve... hehe I was thinking the same thing. I also had another thought about the other pieces... do you think they could be sewn up with the stockinette side out instead of the reverse stockinette showing (except for the sleeves of course!)? Reverse stockinette doesn't usually appeal that much to me, but I wasn't sure if that would work or not, or for that matter, look funny.

And Lion and Lamb for leClap? I'm so jealous...

4:27 PM  
Blogger Jess said...

Thanks! I kind of liked the bobbles, but my sister preferred it without. You could probably do it in stockinette, but it might look odd: body in stockinette, sleeves in reverse stockinette? On the plus side, all the pieces are symmetrical, so you could make it according to pattern, sew it up your way, and then if it doesn't work, just turn the pieces around. You'd have to pull your loose ends through to the other side, but that's not too hard.

5:22 PM  

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