Friday, December 30, 2005

Decisions, Decisions

As I have mentioned several times now, my lovely cousins Ashley & Scott gave me a kpixie gift certificate for Christmas, and I am determined to spend it on some Karabella Aurora 8, my all-time favorite yarn.

The original plan was to use the Aurora 8 to make Tubey (see also my knit-along).

However, I'm not so sure. Here's why:

- I have some gorgeous yarns in my stash that would make lovely Tubeys, although not striped. I could use:

my lovely Andean Silk in Cranberry. I was going to use this for a design project.

this gorgeous silk/merino handpaint I bought from Over-the-Rainbow Yarns. I was going to make a turtleneck out of this, since it's so soft (and completely prickle-free).

- I ran across this fabulous cardigan, which also would be great in Aurora 8:

What to do, what to do? Opinions?


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