Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stash and Geekery

Okay, only three pieces of it are actually stash, since the rest of it is earmarked for specific projects. My HUGE BOX from KnitPicks (which cost less than my Clapotis) included:

- 18 balls of Merino Style in Vanilla for Zig Zag

- 1 ball of Merino Style in tidepool, for hefty swatching in preparation for a design project (I already have a batch of this for the sweater proper, but got nervous about the amount needed for prep)

- 2 hanks of sock weight Color Your Own, for my first try at hand-dyeing

- 9 balls of Pallete in: black, blue, pool, and sky for Snowflakes and Arrows (which is very stinkfully photographed, both flat and on the model, to imply shaping, but actually has none. I'll take that as a challenge.)

- a bottle of Eucalan

- The pattern for Snowflakes and Arrows

- The book Simple Socks: Plain and Fancy, which totally rocks. It's all about understanding construction, rather than following patterns.

That reminds me. I've been meaning to start an Amazon book list, and maybe a series of articlettes called Knitting for Engineers. The more I think about it, the geekier knitting seems to me. Yes, it's about beauty and drape and the way the fiber feels in your hands. But if you think about it, there's so much more to each of those things. What makes a design beautiful? Why does one swatch drape differently than another? Why does one fiber feel different? These can all be understood, at least to some degree, and that adds another layer of pleasure to seeing a beautiful design, admiring how it drapes, and enjoying the feel of Alpaca in your hands. Plus, the process of coming to understand them is incredibly fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out Girl From Auntie if you haven't already - she deconstructs knitting in a very scientific way. Great reading. --SP

12:30 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

Wow, you are a great SP, commenting on posts right away!

And oh, yes, I've been to Girl From Auntie's site. Besides good technical advice, she also has a very clearly laid out and reasonable copyright policy. Eunny Knits also has truly geeky deconstructions, particularly WRT her fair isle tutorials.

12:34 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Wow - that is one haul lady. I would love to get a box full of that yarn that is for sure.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Rhonda said...

And I thought I would go overboard with my yarn hauls (no that's probably books)... I love your haul. How do you keep track of what you bought your yarn for? By the time mine comes in, I seem to forget. Thought about stapling a copy of the pattern to my billing.... IF I could remember to do that, I would be all set maybe, LOL. You sure have ambitious projects, Jess. Happy knitting!

1:31 PM  

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