Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More tasties

In all the secret pal and pattern publishing excitement, I completely forgot to mention:

I got a good chunk of the back of the shrug portion of Tubey done:

I made two hats for Afghans for afghans:

Although I didn't get them finished in time to get them to San Francisco for the January 20th shipment.

And I got a shipment from Beaverslide Dry Goods

On the right is the worsted-weight Wool/Mohair blend in Whitetail Fawn. On the left is the fisherman weight (heavy worsted) wool tweed in Snowberry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh drat. See. These Beaverslide folks sell roving and you made me go clickie and then I had to buy two whole pounds. I blame you entirely. I'll have to show you what I spun up with it after the big SP reveal!

Nice yarn though. Looks to be a good source to bookmark. Thanks!

your SP

4:12 AM  

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