Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sorta post

This is a super-hurried post just because I haven't posted in a really long time. I have no pictures, but here goes:

- I cast on for a second Tubey in Aurora 8 (swoon) using a gift cert my former coworkers gave me as a going away present back in February. (Aren't they the best?)

- I am co-running a KAL for Serrano. Actually, my SP7 Rainy is running it, and I am mooching off her glory and adding the occasional person. I am making mine in mint green Aurora 4, which is loverly.

- Hopeful is done, except that one sleeve was too short (left out a pattern repeat), and I have been lame about fixing it, even though it will probably take all of 10 minutes to fix; I have already ripped back to where I made the mistake.

Why have I been so lame? Because I've started a video podcast on dance composition for belly dancers, and, well, a half-hour program takes a whole lot more than a half hour to film, transfer, edit, and upload. Wish me luck!